We want Collision to be socially inclusive and accessible to a wide audience, attracting people of different ages, social backgrounds and cultures.

Through bringing together an array of different art forms and by removing them from their traditional settings, we hope to nurture new and interesting associations and cross-pollinations.

We curate without theme in order to be unrestricted in the work that we choose and provide autonomy of the work we present. We believe in leaving the visitors free to draw their own conclusions and experience their own reactions.


The seeds of Collision were sewn in Spring 2006 by a group of artists, performers, musicians and filmmakers. We felt that although there were many places in London where you could see art, hear music, watch performance or film, there were not many opportunities to experience these things alongside each other.

We were interested in the collaborative potential of artists from different disciplines working together and knew that by putting pieces and performances next to one another, they develop relationships that evolve them into something different than when exhibited in isolation. We decided to do this on a grand scale.

We needed a space that had the capacity to host a spectrum of art forms, but were not looking for a gallery, theatre, cinema or club. Area10 Project Space, with its combination of cavernous rooms, nooks, crannies and outside space, was the natural place. So, on the Autumn equinox in 2006, the first Collision was born!


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Collision 08
(Photo: Cliff van Coevorden)