2007 imageThe Collision Festival took place in September 2007 for the second time in Area10 Project Space Peckham. It hosted more than 70 artists of different disciplines, and several art collectives, with over 700 people from all corners of London attending.

This year saw the transformation of the big wharf building, as dark corridors led people into the space, and giant screens divided it to create intimacy for work to be shown.

Fixed installations were situated around the space for the duration of the festival while the live program changed every night. The opening night focused on moving image and projections, the second night was devoted to music and sound, while the closing night brought on an explosive celebration of performances, bands and large-scale projections.


Tokyo Sex Whale, Norton Money, Blank, From Honey to Ashes, Lalacuna, devotchka.s conundrum, Halal Kebab Hut,Sally Stevens, Belinda Abbott, Erica Scourti, Woodrow Kernohan, Maren Strack, Carl Rohumaa, Kaori Homma, Andreas Zingerle, Sara Fernandes, Stand in Kinetica (Hannah Mason & Adele Jeffs), Hammerhaus (Laurenz Theinart & Axel Hanfreich), Stephen Cornford, Estelle Holland, Miranda Peake, Jamie Gooenough & Josephine Dimbleby, Simon Newby, David Shillinglaw, Tracey Saroff, Meg Wroe, Rebecca Wombell, Willie Williams, Michael Jones, Ilka Leukefeld, Bill Hammond, Obus8 (PAC feat. Maia Sambornet), Pete Greenwood, Pei-Yu Shi, Yasuko Yui, Colin Crockatt, Simon Whetham, Human Separation (Matt Appleby & Stephen Cornford), Sebastian Lexer, Charlie Tweed, Loz and Dagmara Billon.


OMSK: Arthur and Martha, DJ Omsk (Jamie Bargeman), Tim Goldie, Hannah MissInTheMix, Holly Pester, Clare Moloney, Jigoku, Steven Eastwood.
MAVRYX: Superimposzer, Kondor, LJ Kruzer.
UTROPHIA: The Boycott Coca Cola Experience, Serafina Steer, Gentlemen’s Relish, Ginger and Sorrel
PSYCHOLOGICAL ART CIRCUS: Andrea Meneses Guerrero and Lina Jungergård (with Christelle Lafille, Dagmara Bilon and Loz, Geneva, Virginia, Meline, Chelsey, Astra, Antigone).

2007 Team:

Alon Ramage, Tom Slater, Hannah Mason, Ellie Doney
Supported by: Lisa Maddigan, Matt Lewis, Linda Dobell

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