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After three large scale events at Area 10 in 2006, 2007 and 2008 Collision is about to embark on an experiment.

Instead of our usual open call for submissions, this year we have selected a small number of artists whose work we already know. We have invited and introduced the artists to one another at an earlier stage giving them a chance to make work together specifically for this event. By facilitating a shared “making time” we have created a pool of resources and skills and begun broker collaborative relationships between the artists that will result in a one off event.

As always the event will present work that is an amalgamation of the widest range of mediums

Our aspirations for this experiment are to develop a mutually beneficial form of making and sharing art that will engage both audience and artists as participants, and to benefit a community of artists by providing a legacy of cooperation.

Flyer Design by Simon Elvins

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Genetic Moo: Sea Squirts
(photo Cliff van Coevorden)