In the first Collision we developed the format that we still use today: Thursday night focusing on film, projection and video art, Friday concentrating on music and sound, and Saturday evening presenting a celebration of art in its many forms, with bands and DJs appearing on the same bill as performance pieces, video projections and installations. The success and great response from the participants and the public in 2006 encouraged us to make Collision an annual event. A number of art collectives were invited to participate and were given a space or time slot to curate.


Polaris, Lalacuna, Psychological Art Circus, The Fortunate Sons, Blank, The Drumpet, Eatmorechickens, Brede Korsmo, Estelle Holland, Sarah Enderby, Eleanor Morgan, Diane Rickerby, Matthew Appleby, Marta Angelotzi, Morgan Baptiste, D J Skulljuice, Harald Smykla, Nim, Dagmara Bilon, Alice Tatqe, Andre Meneses, Lina Jungergard, Hannah Mason, Belinda Abbott, Colin Crockatt, Owen Fender, Eray Hussein, Dan Brookes, Nathalie Tafelmacker Magnat, Eleanor Thompson, Ignatz Higham-Johnson, Jens Blank, Pim Konrad, Hotroadie, Tia Mantra, Jose and Maria, Dr Polly Fibre aka Christine Ellison, Pascale Nocera, Trasteando, Sandro & Maria.


OMSK: DJ Missinthemix, DJ OMSK, Bill Aitchison, DJ Scragend, Omo Musik.
MAVRYX: Fupper, Alex Mein Smith, ad:art, Eidetic Band, Kondor, DJ Lassi. Visuals by: Bluerinse and grepetkat.
GLUEROOMS: Petri Huurinanen, zeropointenergy, Loxendontra, Jamka, Demon Carnage, DJ Tendraw and the Gypsies Dog feat. Bradford Bahamas, Doggs. THE LIGHT SURGEONS

2006 Team:

Alon Ramage, Tom Slater, Belinda Abbott, Andrea Meneses Guerrero
Supported by: Tom Hutchings, Rob McNeill, Linda Dobell, Cristelle Lafille, Brede Korsmo

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